Terms and Conditions
1. General
1.1 The Buchholz Wengst GbR (SimpleSoft) has developed an Audience Response System (eduVote) for use in lectures, seminars and lessons. This system consists of software solutions for initializing a survey and collecting results from an extensive variety of mobile devices, running diverse operating systems. SimpleSoft offers a yearly-based license for the use of the system.
1.2 The system has been carefully designed and tested. However, no guarantee for the functioning of the system can be assured under all circumstances. The system was not extensively secured against tampering or other malicious manipulations and therefore must not be used where the result of the survey can cause financial damage or personal injury.
1.3 The Buchholz Wengst GbR consists of its partners, Martin Buchholz and Dr. Johannes Wengst.

You can reach us at:
Im Braumorgen 12, 38104 Braunschweig, Germany
or email us at:

2. Purpose - What is Being Sold?
2.1 The buyer of a single license acquires the right to perform an unlimited number of surveys via his allocated ID (usually an email address), during the period of validity of his license. Surveys can only be conducted one at a time, parallel surveys are not possible.
2.2 An institutional buyer of an enterprise license acquires the usage rights for all members of that institution that hold an email address from that institution. A usage ID (usually the email address) will be allocated to requested individuals and remain active during the period of validity of the license. Surveys can only be conducted one at a time per ID, parallel surveys using the same ID are not possible.
2.3 The ID is always connected to one individual.
2.4 The software to submit survey answers can always be used, free of charge.

3. Activation - On How Many Computers Can eduVote Be Installed?
3.1 The holder of an ID can use the program to perform a survey on any number of computers. However, only the owner of the ID can initialize the voting process (see 2.3 above).
3.2 Should the purchaser of a single license wish to resell the license to another person, a written statement must be sent to Buchholz Wengst GbR, in which the buyer agrees not to use the eduVote system in the future.
3.3 The sale of an enterprise license is not possible.

4. Usage Requirements
4.1 In order to conduct a survey at an event, the audience must have internet-enabled mobile devices (smartphones, netbooks, tablet, etc.) to participate in the survey.
4.2 The auditorium used for the event must allow for a cellular connection, WiFi, or ideally both, in order for the audience’s devices to communicate with the SimpleSoft server on which the survey is conducted.

5. Purchase Process
5.1 We recommend that universities and other institutions should purchase an enterprise license. This type of license provides access for all members of the institution. Usage IDs will be provided upon request at no additional cost (see 2.2 above).
5.2 Additionally, single licenses are available for purchase. In this case, a request via email is sufficient. The user will receive an ID along with an invoice. The invoice should be paid within the following 10 working days.

6. Data Protection

6.1 All data, which are transmitted to the Buchholz Wengst GbR as part of the purchase and activation process will not be disclosed to third parties.
6.2 At no point will the questions and answers be stored on the Buchholz Wengst GbR servers.