Download Area for Instructors Using PowerPoint (macOS)
For a first overview you can view a step-by-step explanation or download this introduction (pdf).

The PowerPoint Add-In allows you to integrate eduVote seamlessly into your PowerPoint slides. The results are stored within the PowerPoint file.
PowerPoint Add-In 4.03
(Office 2016/19 & 365):

Attention: Please follow these instructions.

  • Download the add-in via the download link.
  • Locate the file in the Finder.
  • Right-click (or ctrl+click) on the file.
  • Select Open. (If you are not offered Open, repeat the previous step.)
  • In the following dialog, select Open.
  • After installation, please check the "Trust access to the VBA project object model" box in the "PowerPoint | Settings | Security" menu.
Manual PowerPoint Add-In 4.03
(Office 2016/19 & 365):
Notes about switching between macOS and Windows:

If you want to present your surveys created on a Mac on a Windows computer, an eduVote Add-In version > 3.38 must be installed on this computer: Windows Add-In

If you want to switch between Mac and Windows with your presentations, it is best to select the "Cloud" option for creating the diagram.
Live results on the "Second Screen":
On a second screen, e.g. on your mobile phone, you can monitor the results emerge while the votes come in.
In addition, you can allow your audience there to ask questions or answer open-ended questions.
You can generate a QR code in PowerPoint that leads directly to your personal voting page.
Older versions of the add-in:
With version 3.38 it is not possible to insert word clouds.