eduVote is an Audience Response System for the Academic Environment:

The use of ARS, also known as a TED-System or voting system, is considered very beneficial in large lecture halls and various other teaching arenas:

  • Students are engaged through active participation in the material, thus increasing their attention span.
  • As the students must give precise answers, they gain an awareness of where they may have knowledge gaps.
  • In addition, the instructor is able to gain a quick overview of the audience’s current knowledge on the subject being discussed.

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In comparison with other voting systems that require proprietary hardware (e.g. a hand-held clicker), eduVote is very cost-efficient since it provides Apps that run on a student’s laptop or smartphone. Thus minimizing the time and effort required to organize and distribute equipment and eradicating any purchase or maintenance costs.

In comparison to a web-based system, we take privacy extremely seriously. The eduVote server does not receive data regarding the instructor’s question or who is voting. The question and answers are stored locally on the instructor’s local machine. We are aware and respect that instructors value this control over their questions and results.

Anything else? eduVote incurs no usage-based costs! eduVote can be integrated into PowerPoint for Windows! And, since 2011, eduVote has been successfully used at a number of universities across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


eduVote Testimonials: evaluation and feedback on eduVote can be viewed here.